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I want you to finally have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve. And the joy that comes from accepting where your weight lands as a result of this.

How to Handle Weight Gain (or the fear of it) with Intuitive Eating

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In this podcast episode, I am going to break down some specific examples of what it looks like to rebuild trust with your body.

How to Succeed With Intuitive Eating (Even if You’re Scared it Won’t Work for You)

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So you understand the basics of intuitive eating…now what? What happens next? That’s the question I’m answering in this episode.

Beyond the Basics: What Comes After the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating?

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I sat down with a friend of mine, Emilee Wilson, to talk about her experience towards finding freedom with food as someone who has lived with diabetes for most of her life. To say that Emilee knows a little bit about what it’s like to apply gentle nutrition with food is an understatement. 

Yes, You CAN Manage Diabetes and Other Health Concerns Without Focusing on Weight Loss

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This week on the podcast I brought on a corporate confidence coach named Desiree Petrich. And boy, oh boy, did she spill some tea about how to approach confidence with self-compassion. 

Finding Confidence Within Yourself

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I would be willing to bet money on the fact that your fears about healing your relationship with food fall into these 2 categories: weight gain and health worries. 

How to Embrace Your Fears Around Not Dieting and Cultivate a Healthy Relationship With Food

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Let’s keep in mind that one of the biggest myths in our culture is that weight loss happens when we are making healthy choices with our eating and exercise, and therefore we should celebrate and praise weight loss. 

Practical Advice for Overcoming Roadblocks With Food Freedom and Intuitive Eating

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Discover these surprisingly simple ways to ease into intuitive eating, so that you can stop stressing about your eating (and your weight), and have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve.

Proven Strategies to Transform Your Relationship With Food

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