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I want you to finally have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve. And the joy that comes from accepting where your weight lands as a result of this.

How to Handle Weight Gain (or the fear of it) with Intuitive Eating

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We’re going to be diving into the difference between fullness and satiety, and how knowing the difference will help you make strategic decisions with food without sacrificing satisfaction. This is an example of how nutrition science and gentle nutrition can help you take care of your body (without dieting or restricting). Now, you might be […]

How to Avoid the Food Coma: The Fullness vs Satiety Showdown, Y’all!

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Building trust with yourself around food is a process that takes time and practice. By listening to your body, practicing mindful eating, challenging food rules, practicing self-compassion and seeking support, you can develop a healthy relationship with food and learn to trust yourself around eating. Remember, this is a journey, and it’s ok to take things one step at a time. I’m here to support you! 

Do You Have a Complicated Relationship With Food? Listen to this…

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Essentially what we’re talking about here is emotional eating, and those reasons that we turn to food when we aren’t physically hungry. And I really want to set the tone for this discussion by emphasizing that it’s not a bad thing to eat in response to emotions. We ALL do it at times, and it’s part of normal eating and being a human being. 

Emotional Eating Decoded: How to Stop Stuffing Your Feelings Down With Food

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Diet culture has gotten us so messed up in the way we think about food and our bodies that it can feel like a lot to un-learn. But don’t be intimidated. We are going to keep working through this together.  You deserve to be able to eat the foods you like, to listen to your body, to honor your health, and to not have to obsess about all of it 24/7. 

3 Mindset Mistakes That Will Keep You From Having Peace With Food

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Today what we’re going to talk about is unpopular opinions that I have as a dietitian. Some of these might surprise you, others probably won’t. I think the main lesson here is for us to all be more critical consumers of information in the health and wellness space and to question the things that we hear that we “should” do for ourselves. 

6 Unpopular Opinions That I Have About Nutrition and Health as a Dietitian

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So what do you do if you have people in your life who are nay sayers? Do you try to help them see your point of view and to change their minds? Or do you ignore them and just do your own thing regardless of what they think? Or do you set boundaries with them? If so, what’s the best way to set those boundaries?

What to Do If Your Family is Fat Phobic or Doesn’t Agree With Intuitive Eating

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Discover these surprisingly simple ways to ease into intuitive eating, so that you can stop stressing about your eating (and your weight), and have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve.

Proven Strategies to Transform Your Relationship With Food

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