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I want you to finally have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve. And the joy that comes from accepting where your weight lands as a result of this.

How to Handle Weight Gain (or the fear of it) with Intuitive Eating

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With all the conflicting advice about their impact on weight and health, it’s understandable to feel a bit confused. Let’s untangle some myths and uncover the truth about this essential nutrient. In this blog post, we’ll explore what carbs actually do for our bodies and why they’re crucial for overall health. By the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of why carbs play such an important role in a balanced diet.

Why Carbs Are Essential for Your Health and Intuitive Eating Journey

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Imagine powering your day with nature’s most essential energy source! Meet carbohydrates—those marvelous molecules also known as saccharides, made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These delightful compounds come in three varieties: sugars, starch, and cellulose, each playing a vital role in keeping our bodies healthy and vibrant. Carbs do more than just fuel our energy; they boost our immune system, aid digestion, and maintain the balance of our gut microbiome. In short, carbohydrates are key to our overall well-being!

The Vital Role of Carbohydrates in Your Health and Intuitive Eating Path

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You know that moment when you’re eating, and you realize you are comfortably full and satisfied, but there are only a couple of bites of food left on your plate, and you think, “I might as well finish it.”  Perhaps you’ve been at an expensive restaurant, and the food is so good, and you’re full, […]

From Fear to Freedom: Embracing Intuitive Eating and Sustainable Food Practices

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Summer can be an especially challenging time for body image. Between the swimsuit and shorts season and the barrage of photos from vacations and family reunions, it’s easy to feel self-conscious. But summer should be a time of joy and freedom, not stress and self-criticism. So, let’s talk about some summer do’s and don’ts to help you navigate body image with confidence and grace.

How To Embrace a Healthy Body Image This Summer

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It’s shorts season, swimsuit season, and you might be going on vacations and stressing about the photos, or having family reunions where you haven’t seen people in a while and Aunt Debbie, your mom, or Grandma Edith always comment on whether you’ve gained or lost weight, or maybe they go on and on about how much they hate their bodies and whatever diet they’re on. 

Body Image SOS: Summer Do’s and Don’ts

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Today, we’re exploring why the approach of “just let yourself eat” might not be working for you, and I’ll share what you can do instead to foster a healthier relationship with food. By understanding the limitations of this approach and implementing effective strategies, you’ll be able to reconnect with your body’s hunger signals, make mindful eating choices, and achieve lasting wellness through intuitive eating principles.

Why “Just Let Yourself Eat” Isn’t Effective: Mastering Intuitive Eating for Better Health


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Discover these surprisingly simple ways to ease into intuitive eating, so that you can stop stressing about your eating (and your weight), and have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve.

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