The 10 Daily Habits That Foster Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Given the work I do as an eating disorders dietitian, it’s pretty obvious to me that diet culture and disordered messaging about food, exercise, appearance and health are everywhere.  I mean, it’s what I talk about all day every day. So I’m pretty intentional about taking mental breaks from this stuff in my personal life. […]

May 28, 2019

Diet Culture is EVERYWHERE

Don’t think about purple elephants.  Betcha just did. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s a good reminder that when we tell ourselves not to think about something it only causes us to think about it more. And guess what?  This happens with food too.  Tell yourself you can’t have bananas and chances are you’re […]

January 22, 2019

Purple Elephants

If I had a dollar for every time someone came to me with a “weight problem” or an “emotional eating problem” or a “food addiction problem,” I’d own my own private island by now (j/k…)  You get what I’m saying though, that people frequently blame food and weight as their “problem” to be solved. But […]

July 15, 2018

The problem is what you define as the problem

Blog: Your body communicates with you, and it doesn’t lie...but the eating disorder does

Why am I sharing this on an eating disorder blog?  Because it very much applies to eating disorder recovery.  Pregnancy and eating disorders share many themes related to our relationship with our bodies – everything from what we eat to how we feel.     We all will inevitably experience changes in our bodies over […]

June 20, 2018

5 Food and Body Lessons I’m Learning as a Postpartum Mom

Studies show that when you label a food as "good" or "healthy" you'll often eat more of it. This has been coined the "Halo Effect" with food. And you'll do the same thing when you label foods as "bad" or "unhealthy."  When you initially start allowing yourself to eat what sounds good, you will probably […]

April 9, 2018

The Halo Effect

Ask a room full of people to describe what hunger feels like and you’ll get answers like, “When my stomach growls,” or, “Lightheaded or shakiness,” or, “When I’m cranky or hangry.”  These are signs of extreme hunger and maybe even hypoglycemia.  There were more subtle signs of hunger that you drove by before you reached […]

April 2, 2018

Eat when you are hungry

I'm a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) with a master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition. My passion is helping you find peace with food - and within yourself.


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