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Please, I’m begging you, get your annual well woman exam.

Have You Had Your Pap Smear and Breast Exam Lately? Going to the Doctor When You’re Struggling With Weight or Body Image

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Today on the show I have a special guest named Heather Lasco, a fellow registered dietitian, and we are talking about so many things related to our relationship with food and our bodies. Heather is such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and I know you’re going to learn a ton from her.  Heather is […]

From Disordered to Recovered: Healing Your Relationship with Food, Body Image and Alcohol with Heather Lasco

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We’re going to look at the deeper reasons you’re struggling with food and exercise, and how to figure out what it’s going to take for you to truly get to the place where you have peace and ease with food. 

Understanding the Deeper Reasons That You’re Struggling With Food and Exercise & 3 Powerful Tools You Can Apply Immediately 

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This is a really common struggle, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen photos of ourselves that we don’t like, but for some of us this can be such a huge trigger for negative body image, self-hatred and desperately wanting to do something to lose weight or change your body. 

Navigating Photo Triggers and Body Image

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When we are able to un-learn the rules and judgments that diet culture has taught us, and to look at food in a way that is more neutral and factual, it allows us to consider what our bodies truly want and need.

How to Let Go of the Guilt With Eating (Without Food Becoming a Free-for-All)

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Whatever your reason, you decided that enough was enough and you were going to fix your body. You were unhappy with yourself, and you assumed that weight loss would make you feel better.

4 Unexpected Ways that Food Freedom Will Make You Happier

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Discover these surprisingly simple ways to ease into intuitive eating, so that you can stop stressing about your eating (and your weight), and have the peace and freedom with food that you deserve.

Proven Strategies to Transform Your Relationship With Food

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