Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

December 10, 2014

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If you watched this last night (I didn't), why?  What about it interested you?  How did you feel about your own body during and after seeing the models?

I'm not mad at Victoria's Secret.  They are doing business and marketing, and it's working.  

I'm mad at our culture that buys in to this stuff.  The culture that gives this TV program enough ratings to bring it back every year.  The brainwashing that we've had that leads us to believe that this is how "real" and "beautiful" women look and dress.  News flash – there is nothing real about what you saw.  

The models were selected from a pool of women who already had plenty of experience trying to mold themselves to fit the modeling industry's definition of beauty.  And from that pool of candidates VS selected the few that made the cut.  Then these women were subjected to months of extreme (disordered) dieting and exercise, probably along with plenty of other questionable methods, to "perfect" their body for the stage.  The VS models themselves have disclosed that they then dehydrate and starve themselves completely in the days right before the show to look as thin and toned as possible.  Then they go through countless hours of hair and makeup to further complete their costume.  That's right – costume – it's not real. Nothing about what you saw on that stage was real. So stop comparing yourself to it. Being authentically and uniquely YOU is beautiful.  Us mere mortals are never going to look like the characters we see in magazines and fashion shows, so why bother trying.  Invest your energy into being more of who you naturally are and embrace it!  That's beauty. 

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