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Jenna Kutcher on Self-Love, Radical Body Acceptance and Confidence as a Mom and Entrepreneur

June 27, 2022

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Meet Katy

What does it mean to truly have self-love, body acceptance, and confidence? And does all that ever really have a place in the life of a busy, energetic, high-achieving entrepreneur, neurodivergent mom of two? Jenna Kutcher believes it’s possible because she found it and she lives it.

Jenna Kutcher is the ultimate entrepreneur and mom (and also one of my idols and mentors). She’s the host of the wildly successful The Goal Digger Podcast, has several incredible online courses, and is the author of the book, How Are You, Really? 

I have so much love and respect for Jenna because she’s living life authentically according to her values, and she’s showing us what it’s like to be a confident woman in her body (without all the diet culture ridiculousness).

“Real rebellion these days is showing up and believing in yourself in a world that wants you to doubt yourself.” — Jenna Kutcher

What I adore the most is that Jenna talks about making the choice to love her body each day. And not the kind of superficial “love” because she thinks she conforms to the body image ideals of our society. Rather, the kind of self-love that is about  feeling at home in our own skin.

If we’re being honest, this is what most of us actually want when we wish we could change our bodies – we simply want to feel comfortable and acceptable in them.

“The way we feel in our own skin influences how we show up in every area of our lives. There are so many times that as women we’ve missed out on opportunities or disqualified ourselves because of how we feel about our bodies.” — Jenna Kutcher

In this episode of the Rebuilding Trust With Your Body Podcast, Jenna shares some wonderful insights and advice about making that choice to practice self-love, and about healing your belief in yourself and your worthiness. You’ll learn:

  1. Ways to shift your inner dialogue about your body 

2. The language she uses with her little girls to help them to grow up loving and accepting their bodies

3. A great tip about using social media to actually improve your body image

4. How to stop limiting yourself in life because of how you feel about your body

5. The inspiration behind her new book, How Are You, Really? 

Not only will you come away with some huge mindset shifts on how to view your body differently, but I know that you’ll also see what a great human being Jenna is and why I was so thrilled to have this conversation with her.


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Search for episode 28 – Self-Love is a Choice, Not A Destination: A Heart-to-Heart with Jenna Kutcher on Self-Love, Radical Body Acceptance and Confidence as a Mom and Entrepreneur

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:01 – 04:33] 

  • Katy introduces Jenna Kutcher!
  • Jenna tells us about how she grew up as a gymnast with the pressure to
  • Jenna shares her journey with body image and fertility struggles as well as her experiences with public criticism of her body
  • They discuss the pressure on women to “bounce back” after giving birth

[04:34 – 17:26] 

  • Jenna discusses how she bounced back after having kids and how her body has changed since then
  • She talks about how it’s important of having open and honest conversation with ourselves about our bodies, especially in regards to our feeling of self-worth
  • She discusses about her book, “How Are You, Really?
    • The book is about embracing all aspects of who we are, not just the “perfect” version we see in the media or in other people’s expectations

[17:27 – 21:23] Wrapping up! 

Key Quotes

“Our deepest insecurities can become our greatest connectors.” — Jenna Kutcher

“The most important thing is at the end of the day how do I feel about being with myself and the way that I’m moving through life with my body. When you have a platform you invite in feedback – and there’s a big difference between feedback and criticism.” — Jenna Kutcher

“It’s about coming home to ourselves, and having a conversation with ourselves about how do we love and respect the body that we are in.” — Jenna Kutcher 

>> Listen to the episode with Jenna Kutcher here.

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