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We were all born into a world that was already obsessed with dieting and thinness, and it takes a lot of work to unlearn all of that.

Shifting Your Mindset From Diet and Weight Loss to Non-Diet and Intuitive Eating

This is a really common struggle, and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all seen photos of ourselves that we don’t like, but for some of us this can be such a huge trigger for negative body image, self-hatred and desperately wanting to do something to lose weight or change your body. 

Navigating Photo Triggers and Body Image

When we are able to un-learn the rules and judgments that diet culture has taught us, and to look at food in a way that is more neutral and factual, it allows us to consider what our bodies truly want and need.

How to Let Go of the Guilt With Eating (Without Food Becoming a Free-for-All)

4 Unexpected Ways that Food Freedom Will Make You Happier

Redefining Health and Nutrition: How to “Eat Healthy” and Fuel Your Body Without Being Diet-y

Can’t Stop Snacking At Night? This Episode is for You!

Finding Peace With Food: What Does it Take to Actually Get There?

Find peace with food, and within yousrelf

I’ve learned that most of the world around us doesn’t “get it” when it comes to having a healthy relationship with food. Even health professionals like doctors and other dietitians often give misguided advice, making health and recovery a challenge.  

I love helping people uncover what it is about their bodies and about their eating that they are struggling with, and help them heal - using a non-diet approach. 

"non-diet" dietitian and expert on eating disorders & body image issues

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