Intuitive Eating

Food Police

November 28, 2014

Self-Paced Course: Non-Diet Academy


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A Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) with a master's degree in dietetics & nutrition. My passion is helping you find peace with food - and within yourself.

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So far we've covered the following Principles of Intuitive Eating:

  1. Reject the Diet Mentality
  2. Honor Your Hunger
  3. Make Peace With Food
  4. Today we Challenge the Food Police

You know the Food Police, that voice in your head that tells you what foods you should and shouldn't eat.  That voice that reminds you of how bad you were for eating cheesecake, and that it would have been better for you to eat a salad with fat-free dressing instead. 

Start by increasing awareness of your thoughts and separating your true self from the Food Police.  Once you can distinguish these thoughts in your head, start talking back to the Food Police.  Despite what the dieting industry would like you to believe, there is no crime in breaking the dieting laws.  Protest against the Food Police and say NO to following the rules. 

Here's an example to get you started:

    Food Police:  You shouldn't have eaten that.  It was way too many calories and now you're going to         get fat unless you make up for it somehow.  

    You:  Stop telling me what to do.  Your ways haven't worked in the past and they never will.  I'm going to honor my hunger.

    Food Police:  Ha! You'll see.  Your hunger is going to have you eating and eating, and you're not going to be able to stop.  You need to have rules to follow. 

    You: I don't need rules.  I am working hard to trust my body, and I don't need your help.  I am going to eat what I truly want when I am hungry, and I refuse to feel guilty about it. 


Keep practicing, it gets easier.  As your true self gets stronger you will eliminate the Food Police for good.  Monday we'll get in touch with fullness.  Keep practicing the Principles you've learned so far!

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