February 18, 2016

Self-Paced Course: Non-Diet Academy


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A Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) with a master's degree in dietetics & nutrition. My passion is helping you find peace with food - and within yourself.

Meet Katy

It's quite remarkable how our bodies take food, break it down, absorb it and synthesize energy and new tissue.  Think about the last food you put in your mouth.  It's now in your digestive tract being absorbed and utilized to keep you alive and all of your tissues and organs functioning properly. 

So why are we so afraid of food?  Why are we so afraid of something that is not only useful to our bodies, but essential.  By definition a nutrient is something that is required.  And food is made up of nutrients.  That's what food is.  Even something that is referred to as containing "empty" calories such as Coke.  The calories in Coke come from sugar, a carbohydrate, which just happens to be your body's favorite source of fuel.  How's that empty?  It's not.  In fact, Olympic marathoner Frank Shorter is legendary for drinking defizzed Coke for fuel while running.

Not only does food serve an essential biological function, it is also a source of enjoyment, and there's nothing wrong with that.  We have taste buds for a reason, and they are linked to the reward center in your brain.  Food should be pleasurable.  That doesn't mean it always has to be pleasurable; sometimes food is just fuel. 

Whether you are consuming food for pleasure or fuel, it is serving a purpose.  Even if you consume more food than what your body needed it has a way to handle that by storing some of it for later, to be used in times when there isn't enough energy available.  This is one of the many wonderful purposes of body fat.  It is stored energy. 

As a new mom I'm acutely aware that food helped create and sustain the life of my baby when he was inside of me.  And now the food that I put in my body allows me to make food (milk) for him, and to watch him grow as that milk allows his body to synthesize more tissue. 

Food isn't something to be afraid of.  It's required to keep your body alive and a source of enjoyment.  Embrace it.

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