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Grieving the Things You’ve Lost to Diet Culture

March 5, 2024

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Did you know that the frustration you feel about your eating and your weight is probably related to GRIEF?

You might be scratching your head, but after you listen to this episode you’re going to be nodding your head in total agreement.

There’s a lot to grieve when it comes to letting go of dieting – the time you lost to futile efforts that didn’t result in lasting weight loss, the money you spent on diets and shakes that didn’t make you permanently skinny, the social situations you skipped or didn’t enjoy because you were so stressed about the food. How about grieving the sheer fact that dieting has basically been one big scam? And that you’ve been misled and lied to all these years. 

In this episode, I sat down with Erin Kinzel, a life coach and personal growth expert, who shares how she realized on her own intuitive eating journey that grief was an essential component. She shares how grief fits into the process, and steps for allowing yourself to grieve. 

When you listen, you’ll also learn how to take back your power. You’ll learn how allowing yourself to grieve and feel anger and sadness are actually “superpowers” that allow you to move forward in ways that are so much more productive and freeing. 

Hit play to hear all of this, and get ready to take notes because this is an incredibly powerful episode. 

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