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April 22, 2015

Self-Paced Course: Non-Diet Academy


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A Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) with a master's degree in dietetics & nutrition. My passion is helping you find peace with food - and within yourself.

Meet Katy

Being a freelancer is empowering.  I get to choose the nature of my work, what projects I take on, and how much energy I want to put into it.  I draw upon energy from others who inspire me.  Right now I'm on fire with excitement because of an e-course I'm taking put on by Seth Godin for freelancers.  

Our first assignment is to reflect on the following questions and to publish them publicly.  We are taking a stand and using our voices.  It makes me feel vulnerable to share my dreams, and right now I feel brave enough to sit with that discomfort. 

What do I want to do?

I want to change the world, and I realize that's a lofty goal, but this is the time for dreaming.  I want to change the way the world views food, exercise and beauty.  I want to eradicate eating disorders.  I want to help those suffering find peace in their bodies.

Who do I want to change, and how do I want to change them?

I'd like to say everyone, but that's unrealistic.  Not everybody needs to change, nor does everybody desire to change.  So I want to change those who want to change.  I want to work with clients who desire recovery from their eating disorder through individual nutrition therapy, group-based work, writing (blogs, books), organizing conferences and workshops, and online platforms (an ever evolving medium).

How much risk am I willing to put at steak?

This is hard because I tend to be risk-averse.  I like to have certainty before I do something.  But at the same time I am also willing to take calculated risks and am not afraid to fail, because I don't view things as failures, but rather learning opportunities. 

I'm not willing to risk my family or health however.  So, on a scale of 1-10, I'm at an 8.  Let's do this!

How much work are you willing to do to get there?

I'm not afraid of hard work.  It's actually one of my values.  I also believe in life balance.  So I'm willing to put in the work, but not excessive hours.  I need time for relaxing, sleep, play, family and friend time, church, my piano, and the other things that fill my soul.  I'm not willing to sacrifice my weekends right now either.  Been there, done that.  I believe that I am an efficient worker and can accomplish more than most average cogs in a 40-ish hour work week.

Does this project matter enough for the risk and effort you're putting in?

Yes, 100%.  No doubts.

Is it possible?

Yes, 100%.  No doubts.

Time to go make something happen.

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