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5 thoughts I’ve had while watching the Olympics

August 12, 2016

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  1. I wonder what the athletes are thinking and feeling.  One of my favorite aspects of the Olympics is the display of raw authentic human emotion for a person's life passion.  The commentaries on their life stories and the struggles these athletes overcome to make it to the Olympics is really inspiring.
  2. Why do the female gymnasts and runners wear so much makeup?  Does it make them feel empowered in their femininity, or is it another example of the pressures that women are under to do amazing things while needing to look pretty at the same time?  Why does lipstick or sparkly eye shadow feel so important when you are competing for a gold medal?
  3. It's really cool how the body's form follows the function required for their sport.  The swimmers have big strong arms and shoulders, the gymnasts have petite compact bodies with amazing core strength, the sprinters have big juicy quads, and the distance runners have long lean legs.  For sure it's a combination of genetics (their body naturally is inclined to look and function this way) and environment (their training amplifies these qualities).  
  4. I wonder how many of them have eating disorders.  I can't help but wonder this, especially given that the summer Olympics contains some of the most weight-focused sports (swimming, running, gymnastics).  These particular sports are correlated with higher incidence of eating disorders.  
  5. WOW, these athletes are badass.  Seriously badass.  

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