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The Rebuilding Trust With Your Body Podcast

Registered dietitian, Katy Harvey, breaks down the nonsense of diet culture and the many ways we are taught not to trust food - and ourselves.  

The podcast for those who are ready to finally discover peace with food and their bodies.

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Discover the joy and freedom of rebuilding trust with YOUR body.

Stop Stressing about weight

You will learn to have the time, confidence, and energy to do what you love

Connect With Your Body

Every Tuesday, Katy provides ways on how to find freedom with food

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What you'll find on the podcast:

- @sjocorey

"Katy offers fresh and informative perspectives that are delivered in a gentle and supportive way."

- @e7309

"Her episodes are short and very to the point, you definitely get A LOT from even just a few minutes of listening."

- @doubleoh_7

"Katy’s approach to helping us understand and trust our bodies is like nothing I’ve ever seen before."

Find peace with food, and within yousrelf

I’ve learned that most of the world around us doesn’t “get it” when it comes to having a healthy relationship with food. Even health professionals like doctors and other dietitians often give misguided advice, making health and recovery a challenge.  

I love helping people uncover what it is about their bodies and about their eating that they are struggling with, and help them heal - using a non-diet approach. 

"non-diet" dietitian and expert on eating disorders & body image issues

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We’re going to be diving into the difference between fullness and satiety, and how knowing the difference will help you make strategic decisions with food without sacrificing satisfaction. This is an example of how nutrition science and gentle nutrition can help you take care of your body (without dieting or restricting). Now, you might be […]

How to Avoid the Food Coma: The Fullness vs Satiety Showdown, Y’all!

Building trust with yourself around food is a process that takes time and practice. By listening to your body, practicing mindful eating, challenging food rules, practicing self-compassion and seeking support, you can develop a healthy relationship with food and learn to trust yourself around eating. Remember, this is a journey, and it’s ok to take things one step at a time. I’m here to support you! 

Do You Have a Complicated Relationship With Food? Listen to this…

Essentially what we’re talking about here is emotional eating, and those reasons that we turn to food when we aren’t physically hungry. And I really want to set the tone for this discussion by emphasizing that it’s not a bad thing to eat in response to emotions. We ALL do it at times, and it’s part of normal eating and being a human being. 

The overall message that I want you to receive here is one of kindness and compassion towards yourself. Your body is not a problem to be fixed. Your body is not an inconvenience to society.

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"She is so genuine and her podcast is super we informative. I can’t thank her enough for all of her free resources!"

 — @odessa730

"Katy is one of my favorite Intuitive eating dietitians!"

"Katy provides great guidance and shares free resources as well. She is very upbeat without being “chirpy” and I find her choice of topics to be spot on!"

- @joyofpaperless

"I am fairly new in my Intuitive Eating journey and I am really enjoying this podcast."

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