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Why is it that we find ourselves turning to food when stressed or upset?   And why is it that we turn to the "bad" foods in these instances? As infants we are soothed with food.  Baby cries -> caregiver thinks, Baby might be hungry -> caregiver offers milk.  And the act of being held and […]

Why “bad” foods become soothing

I’ve been ordering my groceries online and having them delivered for a while now (life-changing btw), and recently I accidentally ordered a huge slab of butter that looks like a brick.  So buttering a piece of bread is currently super awkward because this brick of butter is rock hard and the butter doesn’t spread easily at […]

How I responded when my son said, “More butter!” six times in one meal

I get this question or some variation of it all the time.  And it drives me NUTS because there are so many things underlying it that make me want to scream.  Let's break it down: First of all, even if I were to guesstimate how many calories per day your body needs, it's still a guess. […]

“How many calories per day do I need?”

My super simple 5-step process for planning dinners

What’s the scoop on low-calorie sweeteners?

10 nibbles for thought

Turning food into entertainment

Find peace with food, and within yousrelf

I’ve learned that most of the world around us doesn’t “get it” when it comes to having a healthy relationship with food. Even health professionals like doctors and other dietitians often give misguided advice, making health and recovery a challenge.  

I love helping people uncover what it is about their bodies and about their eating that they are struggling with, and help them heal - using a non-diet approach. 

"non-diet" dietitian and expert on eating disorders & body image issues

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