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14 thoughts I have every time I see this commercial

April 20, 2016

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Something has been bugging me lately.  I keep seeing a commercial for a new show called "Strong" and I am having a reaction to it.  Here are 5 thoughts that keep going through my head:

  1. Here we go again…another weight loss TV show that makes a spectacle out of the participants' bodies and glorifies weight loss and thinness.
  2. That doesn't look like very much fun.
  3. Strong is new thin…I hate that saying.
  4. Why are all of the participants women and the trainers men?  It makes it seem like the men are there to "fix" the women.
  5. This show is a perfect example of the societal pressure for women to be thin and men to be muscular.  
  6. I wonder how these women feel about themselves.
  7. Why does America find this so entertaining?  
  8. I wish they didn't make them wear such tight and revealing clothes.
  9. It's very unlikely that they are going to maintain these physical changes.
  10. I wonder what behaviors it takes these men to look like that.
  11. I hope this show doesn't make it to a 2nd season.
  12. This kind of pisses me off.
  13. When is this commercial going to be over?
  14. I hope these people don't have eating disorders…or develop one after being on the show.

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