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Let’s talk about postpartum body image! My podcast guest on this episode is a woman I met inside my Intuitive Eating Made Easy FB group named Anita Musiol, and she’s an inspiration to all women, especially moms.  Anita shared with me that she was a relatively normal eater up until she got pregnant. She also […]

You Don’t Need to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back. Talking Pregnancy and Postpartum Body Image

What does it mean to truly have self-love, body acceptance, and confidence? And does all that ever really have a place in the life of a busy, energetic, high-achieving entrepreneur, neurodivergent mom of two? Jenna Kutcher believes it’s possible because she found it and she lives it. Jenna Kutcher is the ultimate entrepreneur and mom […]

Jenna Kutcher on Self-Love, Radical Body Acceptance and Confidence as a Mom and Entrepreneur

I want you to ponder an important question: WHAT WOULD “SUCCESS” LOOK LIKE FOR YOU IN TERMS OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD? Most people have one very specific way of measuring success when it comes to their eating and their bodies, and I think you can probably guess what that is…the scale.  But here’s the […]

How to Redefine “Success” With Eating and Weight with Intuitive Eating

How to Stop Hating Your Body With Tangible Steps to Body Acceptance

How to Handle Weight Gain (or the fear of it) with Intuitive Eating

Diet Culture is EVERYWHERE

Purple Elephants

Find peace with food, and within yousrelf

I’ve learned that most of the world around us doesn’t “get it” when it comes to having a healthy relationship with food. Even health professionals like doctors and other dietitians often give misguided advice, making health and recovery a challenge.  

I love helping people uncover what it is about their bodies and about their eating that they are struggling with, and help them heal - using a non-diet approach. 

"non-diet" dietitian and expert on eating disorders & body image issues

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